Welcome to Water Leaf Surgery Center. We are very pleased that you and your physician have chosen our center and team to care for you. The following are different instructions and details of what you can expect when visiting our center.


Once your surgery date has been set, a nurse from our center will contact you within three days prior to your surgery. The purpose of this phone call is to review your health history and make sure all the information we have is correct. We will also need to get an accurate list of the medications you are currently taking. At the end of this phone call, the nurse will give you specific instructions and details of what to expect the day of your surgery.

Day of Surgery:

Upon arrival to the center on the day of your surgery, please check in with the front desk. You will need to provide a copy of your health insurance and valid identification card. You will be taken back to the pre-operative area where you will be asked to change into a surgical gown and prepare for surgery. You will be checked in by a nurse who will also review the health information and home medications. Your physician and anesthesia provider will also come to speak with you. This time will allow you to ask any questions that you may still have.

During Surgery:

You will be transported to the operating room (OR) via stretcher. The OR team will begin to prepare you for surgery and attach monitors to your skin so your condition can be closely monitored throughout the entire procedure.


After surgery, you will be taken to the recovery room which is the same area that you started in. Anesthesia affects people differently; therefore, discharge times may vary. Depending on what procedure you had done, you can expect to be in this area for a minimum of 45 minutes up to a few hours. Your condition will be closely monitored and your family/friend will be notified when you are awake. The surgeon will go visit with your family member/friend to let them know how the surgery went. Please note: All patients must have a driver when being discharged from the surgery center.

Discharge Instructions:

Your nurse will review your discharge instructions with you and the person who will care for you after surgery. You will be provided a paper copy of these instructions to take home with you. Your physician may prescribe medications for you to take once you get home. For your convenience, the nurse can have them taken to the pharmacy on site and filled while you are in recovery to eliminate the need to stop and drop them off on the way home. If you prefer to use a specific pharmacy, the paper copies of the prescriptions will be given to you or your ride as you leave.

Again, thank you for choosing Water Leaf Surgery Center. Please call us if you have any further questions. We look forward to serving you.